These are the pages of Avalon
Written and shared with love,
I hope they bring you happy hours
And blessings from above.

These pages map my journey
And the stages of my days,
The things that bring me joy
And brighten up my ways.

Iíve shared sunshine and laughter
The things that brought me tears,
Iíve opened up my thoughts to you
And let you see my fears.

There are celebrations
Times of loss and times of birth,
Events and situations
All around this earth.

Please come in and rest a while,
Spend some time, refresh and restore.
If these pages touch your heart
I could not ask for more.

© Linda J. Vaughan


Please always respect the copyright.
If you wish to use any of the pieces on
these pages please email me for permission.

© The writing on these pages is my work and any similarity
to any other poetry is purely conincidental.





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