Your Wedding Day

So, my friend you are getting married,
Life is moving fast for you,
I wish you joy and laughter
And happiness in all you do.

May the sun shine for you
And days and skies be clear,
May you always have work to do
And may you know no fear.

I wish you shelter from the storms ~
The comfort of a warm fireside,
And may you always face your life
And take it in your stride.

I wish you wisdom
And a quiet gentle calm.
I wish you special family times
And that you are kept from harm.

Youíve both been there before,
But love again has come your way,
I wish you Heavenís blessings,
On this your special day.

I wish you love and laughter
And memories when you grow old.
I wish you courage for your task
As your days and lives unfold.

I wish you food upon your table
And a welcome at your door.
I wish you guests in your home
All this ~ and so much more.

I wish you the courage to ask for help
If and when itís needed,
I wish you the wisdom to hear ~
And to be glad you heeded.

I wish you fair winds and a safe journey
And a Harbour full and deep.
I wish you special places for memories
That you alone can keep.

Take your strength from each other
Love and care and grow,
May the years you spend together
Be the happiest you can know

© Linda J. Vaughan

28th. June 2006

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