Sail with me.................

Sail into my safe harbour
And let me shelter you
From the waves that rock your boat ~
Letís look for skies of blue.
Stay with me until the sea is calm
And the storm is finally past.
Let me give you strength for your voyage ~
A strength thatís sure to last.

When the sun shines again
And the gentle breezes blow,
Set off again in full sail
And let me see you grow.
Let me share the sparkle
On the water that you sail,
Let me take pride in being
The Harbour from which you hail.

When your sails are full
And you taste the salt sea spray,
Know that I am here for you
On each and every day.
Hold on to the ropes of your dreams
Make sure they serve you well.
Enjoy this sail through life ~
Be nurtured by the ocean swell.

When you hear the gentle lapping
As you rest on a quiet shore
Know that my love and care is real ~
I could not love you more.
Let me be your Harbour Lights
And guide you safe home again,
Let me be your sheltered haven
In sunshine and in rain.

© Linda J. Vaughan

June 14th.2002

Music is "Harbour Lights"

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