Changing The World

I cannot solve the world's problems
But I can lend an ear,
I can hold the hand of a stranger
And try to ease their fear.
I cannot take away your pain
But my shoulder's here for you.
I can offer you some tenderness
And friendship that is true.

I cannot take away injustice
But I can look and see that
Although your skin is different
You are the same as me.
I cannot change intolerance
But my heart reaches out to you.
I can look at you and listen
And try to see it through.

I cannot understand the world
But I can love you as a brother,
I can feel your pain and anguish
For I too, am a Mother.
I cannot change this weary world,
But when I'm laid to rest ~
Let this be my epitaph ~
At least I did my best.

Linda J. Vaughan

February 25th. 2006

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