Some say itís myth or legend
Others just a story of old,
I like to believe in the days
When Knights were bold.
I love the tales of Arthur,
Morgaine and Guinevere,
Of Castles, lances and battles,
And the mists that clear.

A table round, which would host
Meetings, meals and wine,
Gatherings of worthy knights
And the place where they would dine.
Armour worn with pride,
Pennants carried high,
As they rode into battle.
Knowing some would die.

Merlin and Excalibur,
The Lady of the Lake,
Oh the courage and nerve
And the risks that all would take.
Camelot and Avalon.
Castles, magic and moats.
The parting of the mist curtain,
The passing of the boats.

Horses kept for battle
Grazing on fields of green,
The scenery of Avalon
What did it really mean?
It was Arthurís final resting place
Where he was laid to rest,
A place of peace and solitude
For those who knew the best.

Moving through the mists
The curtains parted a while.
Some moved to another place
Where they could love and smile.
A Knight with eyes sleep filled
A special Lady fair,
Moved on through the curtain
Beyond the veil of care.

I long to be that Lady
With long and flowing gown,
I long to meet a special Knight,
Tousled and wind blown.
To hold the petals of a rose
Given from his hand,
To cheer at his jousting prowess~
Be the proudest in the land.

I long to walk the lake shore with him,
To share the laughter and the tears.
Feel his strong arms about me,
Vanquishing all my fears.
To give my token to him,
To have my lips gently kissed,
My hair loose and damp
Touched by Avalon's mist.

Avalon, Oh Avalon ~
How I am drawn to you,
To travel back in time and space
To see the glory of your view.
The mists still gather there
And have done through the years,
I view the scenes of Avalon,
Through my veil of tears.

© Linda J. Vaughan

October 2006

The Music on this page is
How Can I Keep From Singing? by Enya