Welcome to our world

Sydnee Elise Buchanan

Born May 22nd. 2007 ~ 7 lbs. 8 oz. 21¼ inches.

A baby was born on a morning in May
And we welcome her with love.
May Heaven's Angels guard her
And her life be filled with love.
May her Family surround her
With protection all her days,
As we watch her thrive and grow
And learn her winning ways.

Sydnee Elise – we welcome you
And wish you sunny days ahead.
A soft and downy pillow
Where you can lay your head.
Flowers on your pathway
And stars to light your way.
The eager anticipation
Of another sweet day.

Butterfly kisses and cuddles,
Someone to wipe your tears,
Daddy’s strong hands to hold you
And to chase away your fears.
I wish you a peaceful garden
Where you can play and run
Umbrellas in the rain
And puddles to splash in for fun.

A garden swing to play on
And friends to share your play,
Your family to guide you
As you travel on your way.
Rose petals in your garden
Lapping water by a lake,
Someone to smile and cheer you
When your first steps you take.

I wish for you a peaceful world
Where you can at least be free,
The warmth and safety you feel,
When sitting on your Mother’s knee.
I wish you calm waters and clear skies,
A safe journey through life,
Someone to care for you
And protect you from strife.

Sydnee Elise – feel the love and the welcome here.

© Linda J. Vaughan

24th. May 2007

The Pages of Avalon.

Suzanne a special welcome to your beautiful new Granddaughter.