My life is so much quieter
With lots more time and space,
Why suddenly this afternoon
Were there tears upon my face?
I asked myself the question
Just what these tears were for?
It came to me quite clearly
Things are different than before.

Yes things are very different ~
Children grown and gone
Making their lives on their own
And I am left to carry on.
A different generation
Making their way through homework days
Different music ~ different values
Different in so many ways.

Several cherished ones are missing,
And will not grace my life again.
It is difficult to face these quieter days
And often there is pain.
Those who have gone from my life
Their race and struggle done,
For me, I walk a strange path
And wait for a battle won.

So the tears are for change and emptiness
And for the shift of direction I make,
I am finding it very tough
And at times I feel I will break.
But I hold fast to the ropes of kindness
Woven over the years
Thankyou for your friendship
And for allowing me these tears.

Linda J. Vaughan

July 2004

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