Unexpected Surprise.

Hello my friend and how are you?
I hear youíve had a big surprise.
I also hear that you are concerned,
And that tears mist your eyes.

A baby is coming to live with you,
Not quite at the time you had planned,
But oh the joy and pleasure
When you hold that tiny hand.

You will have a toddler then
And busy will be your days,
What treasured times for you
With two little ones to raise.

You seem overwhelmed right now
And concern masks the joy in your heart,
But I know that the baby you carry
Will be loved from the very start.

You are worried and stressed
As to how you will cope.
Start each day refreshed and new
And carry with you itís hope.

You have enough love to give to two
Although they will be close in years,
They will bring laughter to your home
And Ė Yes they will bring their tears.

Accept the gift you have been given
With a loving and thankful heart,
This is all part of lifeís great plan
And has been from the start.

Enjoy the miracle growing within
And acknowledge that you are blessed
Open your heart to your little one
I know you will do your best.

Children are gifts not given to all
And you have a double joy
So cherish and nurture this little one
No matter if girl or boy.

Open your heart, and your home ~
All will be well You'll find,
Have faith and go on loving
And life itself will be kind.

Let love grow within you now
Be gracious and caring and kind
Such special joys will come to you
The best that you could find.

© Linda J. Vaughan

September 2006

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