Honesty is all around me
In the beauty of a rose,
Little childrenís laughter
A city as it grows.

I see the honesty in faces
Of men from many lands,
Who build us safe buildings
With gnarled and dirty hands.

A Motherís smile as she holds
For the first time, her new born,
The rush of air beneath a birdís wing
The mist of early morn.

A harvest moon on a clear cool night,
A diamond studded sky.
A friend who will hold another,
And just let them weep and cry.

Honesty is more than words and trust
Itís believing in each other,
Being kind and generous ~
Loving like a brother.

Teach the children of the world
About truth and honesty
Letís believe in each other,
Thatís the way itís meant to be.

© Linda J. Vaughan

15th. October 2006