Childhood Days


Oh to turn back the hands of time,
And play with my children again
To walk in the park, dig in the sand
And splash in the puddles of rain.

To listen more keenly to the tales they tell
And to look into their dream filled eyes,
To wonder again at a thunder storm
And to see the world with surprise.

To sit by their bed and soothe their pain
When sickness came their way,
To read them the same old story
Again at the end of the day.

I long to feel the magic of The Tooth Fairy,
And dear Santa's magic spell,
To wonder if the Easter Bunny would visit
Oh the stories we would tell.

I still can look into dream filled eyes
As they soar on eagle wings,
And can see the happiness
That their success can bring.

Each day is a gift and a blessing,
For them as well as for me,
But I remember well the days
When they were children at my knee.

Linda J. Vaughan

May 2007

The Pages of Avalon.

The music on this page is
"Holding Back the Years."
by Simply Red.