May you always keep the child within
And retain your sense of wonder
As you stand beside the mighty ocean
When you hear the rolling thunder.
I hope your heart always rejoices
To smell the grass newly mown,
The tiny germinated plant
From the seeds that you have sown.

May it always touch your soul
To feel anotherís care,
To share a distant memory
And know that they were there.
I hope you enjoy the seasons
As they change from year to year
Rain filled stormy nights
And morning crisp and clear.

The daffodils in springtime
The roseís sweet perfume
Church bells ringing
A smiling bride and groom.
May you always walk in sunshine
And lend a helping hand
To those whose life has changed
From the way they had it planned.

May you always keep the child within
And laugh and play and sing
May you always have the strength
For whatever life may bring.
I wish you love and happiness
And courage to take a chance
And when the music plays for you
I hope that you can dance.

© Linda J. Vaughan

January 23rd. 2005

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Artiest Onbekend/Artist Unknown