Gentle Breezes

May a gentle breeze caress you
And cool your fevered brow,
May there be a light to guide you
Wherever you may go.

May the fragrance of rose envelope you
As you gently brush past,
May there be for you sweet music
And memories that last.

May a birdsong fill your morning
With the joy of a spirit free,
May the gentle waves splash upon you
As you stand beside the sea.

May you see the dewdrop on a rose
And the leaves as they toss and quiver,
May you see the ducklings play
As you stand beside the river.

May the shadows of a full moon
Fall gently on your way,
May you see the morning star
As you start another day.

May you walk through autumn leaves
As the seasons once more pass,
May you bravely walk barefoot
Through the dew upon the grass.

May you splash in puddles
And remember childhood days,
May joy and love surround you
In friendship’s special ways.

© Linda J. Vaughan

January 2007