Do you hear the stirring music,
And does it stir your soul,
Do you see the pain in others
And pray that they be whole?

Do you see the twinkling lights
And does your spirit rise
As you recall the Angels,
The Shepherds and the skies?

Do you hear the rustling paper,
And once more the Christmas bell,
Can your heart reach out to a stranger
And listen to the story he'll tell?

Do the smells waft from your kitchen
As you prepare your Christmas feast,
Does it serve to remind you
Of those who have the least ?

Do you entertain your family,
Your friends and those you know,
Could there be room at your table for another,
Could you let the number grow ?

Take up the challenge this Christmas,
Let it be just the very start
Of reaching out and caring
For Christmas isn't Christmas 'til it happens in your heart.

Linda J. Vaughan

November 2006