The Flight of the Eagle

Your time had come to leave us
Which you did without a word,
We hope you knew in your heart
How very much we cared.
You brought laughter to our lives,
And courage to our heart
It is so very sad for us
That we had to part.

Take the eagle wings and fly
High above and soar,
We have many memories
Of happy times before.
Take the wings of the morning
And let your soul fly free,
We shall always remember
How the days used to be,

We see you now in our minds
As you laughed and carried on,
We hear your laughter ringing
But now your journey’s done.
Your smile will live within us
As we struggle to understand
The rhyme and the reason
And the way that things are planned.

You lost so much in this life
But your spirit was strong and whole,
You gave to us your friendship
And courage from your soul.
We see you on Graduation
And as we make our way
We know that you are with us,
In ordinary things each day.

We are going to miss you
And hope to do you proud,
You were such a special soul
Who stood out from the crowd.
Stan, you taught us many things
Right to the very end ~
But mostly you taught us
The meaning of “true friend”.

We are glad your pain is over,
And fear no longer marks your years,
Quietly we think of you
And wipe away the tears.
Be lifted up on eagle wings
And soar to heights unknown,
You gave so much of yourself ~
More than you could have ever known,

© Linda J. Vaughan

September 2006

The Pages of Avalon

Art by
Old Hippie Art


This page is dedicated to

John Stanley "Stan" Greenwell

who took flight on September 14 2006 in Bardstown, KY.

August 10 1988 ~ September 14 2006

The Music is "The Wind Beneath My Wings."