For Sicara,

We are holding you in Love and Light

and praying for your recovery and restoration.

Feel the touch of Angel Wings
And the warmth of friendship’s touch
Know that we are here for
And that we care so much.

Your Fairy Friends are saddened
And miss you very much,
Feel the love of their care
Feel their tender touch.

Your family is with you
Showing tender care
Keeping us informed
Its just as though we’re there.

Your on-line friends have vigil kept
Through the night and day,
We hold hope in our hearts
When all we can do is pray.

We miss your cheery winning ways,
We wait and hope and care.
Our gardens are just not the same
Without your presence there.

Sending love and prayers for your recovery our friend.

© Linda J. Vaughan

June 2006

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