There is an air of anticipation
And excitement in the air,
Lots of people shopping
Busy faces lined with care.

Everyone has lots to do
And excited children play
"How much longer will it be
til Santa's on his way?"

It is a wonderful time of year
When laughter fills the air,
Family traditions carried on
And trinkets everywhere.

Christmas trees will glisten
With bells and flashing lights,
And Parents will remember
Other Christmas nights.

Those special Christmas carols
Sung with such great pride,
Seeing little ones dressed as angels
Brings a joy that we can't hide.

It isn't always like this
For there are lonely folk ~
To be alone at Christmas
Would certainly be no joke.

Family dynamics are changing
And some will be apart,
But the Christmas love and hope~
May it linger in your heart.

For some it will be different
For money is quite tight,
And you hope and you pray
You can make it alright.

The gifts that really matter
Are not to be bought at the store,
They come from the heart ~
Who could want for more?

Offer the gift of friendship
To a heart that has turned cold,
The gift of listening to one who tells
Stories so many times told.

Try to offer comfort as a gift
To someone whose grief is raw,
A cup of tea or coffee
When someone knocks at your door.

A gentle touch from a loving hand
Can often chase away fears,
Be a shelter to one who weeps
And wipe away their tears.

Spread the joy of Christmas
And ease another's fear,
Not only in December,
But each day throughout the year.

Linda J. Vaughan
November 2007