Gentle Expression


Mary Townsend

A gentle expression
On a kindly face,
Handiwork, knitting,
Ribbons and lace.
A gentle caring soul
Love at the core of her being
Welcoming arms and hugs
These are the things I am seeing.

She’s a wife and a mother ~
A daughter and four boys
Grandchildren too,
Her special joys.
Her gentle nature
And kindly ways
Have brought much joy
To many days.

With simple faith
Her needs are few
If her family is happy ~
Then she is too.
She’s welcoming, loving
And so very kind
The very best friend
Anyone could find.

She loves her mountain
With majestic view,
A friend indeed ~
And they are few.
Thankyou Mary for everything
Your love and care is treasured
The kindness from your heart
Could never ever be measured.

© Linda J. Vaughan

July 2006

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