I did not ever see you,
Or hold you in my arms,
But I am still aware of
The range of all your charms.
I am sure that you were beautiful
With such a sweet baby smell,
And I am sure they loved you –
That they loved you very well.
And now you have gone from us
No longer here for us to love.
Now you live with the angels
In heaven up above.
What a shock to find you thus,
Gone and all alone,
But I am sure that angels came
And carried you straight home.
You brought such joy to all,
Such hours of great gladness,
And now emptiness within
And such a dreadful sadness.
You will live in our hearts
And memory will be kind
Special joys will be ours
The best that you can find.
Fly free little angel
And know that they loved you.
You will always be part of them
And everything they do.
They’ll learn to live without you
To get on with their days,
But always they will remember
You and your charming ways.
They’ll dream of you quite often
And how the days may have been,
Had they had the chance to tell you
Exactly what you mean.
Rest easy little princess
Watch over them with love.
Be their Guardian Angel
In heaven up above.
One day you will be together
No more parting days of pain.
You will rest again together
In sunshine after rain.
© Linda J. Vaughan

January 2002






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