This is a tribute to my sisters ~
The ones who paved the way,
The ones who had the courage
To stand and “seize the day”

We have come so very far ~
Much we have achieved
Because those who went before us
Had vision and believed.

They passed the baton on to us
And we must carry on.
No resting on the sidelines
This game of life goes on.

Now women sit in Government
And Halls of Learning too.
They head up the Business market
So many things they do.

It is a very great privilege
To nurture children small
To stand with pride and dignity ~
I think we have it all.

Don’t give up the struggle
Encourage others too.
Be proud of all that’s been achieved
For women like me and you.

Celebrate your Womanhood

Written for International Womens Day 2006

© Linda J, Vaughan

March 2006

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