It is Christmas time again ~
How quickly the year has flown,
We are all a little older~
How much the children have grown.

Friends and family will gather
To celebrate again,
There will be love and laughter
And for some a touch of pain.

For some there is an empty space
A missing face on Christmas morn,
A journey ended for a loved one,
Whose face was tired and worn.

Some laughter now is missing
Traditions somewhat rearranged,
How could you ever have known
That all would soon be changed.

Continue as you have always done,
And talk as you often did,
About the happy family times
And the presents that you hid.

Decorate your tree as always
And let the light of love shine,
Feel their presence with you,
And days will soon be fine.

There will always be an empty space ~
But fill that space with love,
With very special memories
And blessings from above.

Linda J. Vaughan

November 2006





Image courtesy of   www.comteche.com