Listen to Me

I am not the marrying kind
But I am pregnant so what should I do
I sit and I worry and carry this child,
But could I live with you ?

I am happy that a child grows within
And I hope it will bring joy to my days
But could I put up with you and your mess
And your bitter childish ways ?

You say that you love me and really care
But imagine the nights without sleep,
Would you care then as your life was disturbed
And would you your promises keep.

A child needs to be loved and cherished
Not pushed aside for selfish need
I am not the marrying kind you see,
I could not cope with you and your greed.

So I'll carry this child and give it birth
Be both Mother and Father too,
But I guess you have rights and claims
And the child needs to know you.

So I'll visit and share the joy of my days
I'll go on quite alone and you will find,
That though we share this child of ours
I am not the marrying kind.

Linda J. Vaughan

August 2007


This is my first venture into "Fiction Writing" and I am totally surprised that it even rated a place.

But here it is "Third"  for a fiction piece called

"I am not the marrying kind."

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