In the early hush of morning
When the mists begin to clear,
I spend some quiet contemplation
And often hold you near.

My thoughts drift back in time
To days that used to be,
When the sun was shining
And skies were clear to see.

In the early hush of morning
I see a much younger you,
The wind blows through your hair,
And stirs my memory too.

I see your clear and perfect skin,
Your dancing, dazzling eyes,
I hear your rippling laughter,
Your soft and wistful sighs.

In the early hush of morning
I feel the strength you share,
The courage that you seek to instil
In the children for whom you  care.

I see the love you feel so deeply
For the children that you bore,
I see the storm clouds gather
And hover above your door.

In the early hush of morning
I feel your real pain
I see your dark silhouette
As you stand out in the rain.

I watch you as the years pass
And see the strength you find,
I sense in you acceptance
And days again are kind.

In the early hush of morning
Thoughts of you come my way,
I see you learn to smile again
And face another day.

I watch you as you journey
And you travel through your days,
I am here to support you
With kind and loving ways.

Linda J. Vaughan
October 2007

For my precious friend Suzy Q.



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