Moment of Silence for John

I have thought of you so often
As this year has moved along,
Days have been so different
And different is my song.
We shared so many moments
Some laughter and some tears,
You opened up your heart to me
And I knew your fears.

You listened to my mixed up thoughts
And calmly reassured me,
You helped me understand the things
That so often I could not see.
You counted me as a blessing
And I was blessed indeed,
That sharing my times with you
Often fulfilled my need.

The time was right for you to go,
Although you struggled hard and long,
You felt you had much more to give.
I knew too, but hoped I was wrong.
I have missed you desperately
And a special place is set apart.
There are special memories of you
In a corner of my heart.

In loving and caring memory


John Squire

Who left this life a year ago on 31st. August 2005

Cheers my friend !

Linda J. Vaughan

August 2006

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