There are secrets in a garden
That only children know.
The very special treasures
Among the leaves that blow.
There is perfume in a flower,
A daisy umbrella shade,
Diamonds in a dew drop
Shelter in a glade.

There is laughter in a garden
As the brooks rushes by,
Warmth and happiness
Under a beautiful blue sky.
There is time in a garden
To listen to the birdís sweet song,
Days are fair and endless
And never ever long.

You can be a Fairy Queen
Or even a warrior bold,
You can wear a petal dress
And go back to days of old.
Sheltering under a tree
From a gentle falling rain,
Living childhood dreams
That will not come again.

There are secrets in a garden
And the hearts are safe and warm
Children may play safely here
And be kept away from harm.
Imagination lives here
And dreams are kept alive
There are secrets in a garden
For a child of four or five.

There is happiness in a garden
A time of Fairy Tales,
The magic of these little folk
Never ever fails.
It helps us build our future
In very special ways
The Secrets of a garden,
Stay with us always.

© Linda J. Vaughan

August 2006

The Pages of Avalon.