Your treatment is almost over
And you are tired we know.
We have watched your agony
And we have watched you grow.
Weíve shared your clouded days
And listened to your fears.
Oh yes my friend there are many
Who have also shed their tears.

Itís been a privilege to walk beside you
And hear your plaintive call,
To pick you up and carry you
On the days when you would fall.
Your faith has been tried and tested
And we have stormed Heavenís gate
Pleading with our Heavenly Father
For healing before it was too late.

Many are the days when you have slept
Because rest brought sweet relief.
You kept in touch when you could
Albeit a message brief.
Your life seemed quite out of control
Your little boat tossed and hurled.
I have watched anxiously
From my side of the world.

The heavy clouds are lifting from your life
And many the battles won.
Come out of the shadows Sami ~
Come out into the sun!
Let your little light shine my friend
Encourage others on the way
You have travelled many miles
But this is the start of a new day.

Take care and keep the faith,
Your network is keen and strong.
We have travelled the road with you
Although it often seemed so long.
We have felt so very helpless
But now your team rejoices
That Heavenís streets will ring
And you will hear our voices..........


© Linda J. Vaughan

June 20th. 2006

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