Happy Birthday Ella Jaine

Can it really be a year
Since news came of your birth?
Bringing to our hearts and homes
The greatest joy on earth.

You’ve grown and done so many things,
Made us laugh and cry.
We have seen you achieve so much
And we have watched you try.

Your lovely smile brings joy to us
As we struggle through our days,
Happiness is ours
As we enjoy your winning ways.

You were not a baby long enough
And now I hear that you are walking,
Getting into many things
And soon you will be talking.

Happy Birthday Ella Jaine,
May sunshine grace your life
May stars at night twinkle for you,
And you be kept from strife.

May your journey be a happy one
With laughter and those you love,
I wish you flowers in your garden
And protection from Heaven above.

You are the sweetest soul
And have taught us many things,
We watch you as you play
And such great joy it brings.

Be warm and safe my little one
And happiness come your way,
Special blessings and love for you
On each and every day.

Have a wonderful birthday

Ella Belle

Smell the flowers, splash in puddles and enjoy life to the full.

© Linda J. Vaughan

April 22nd. 2006