I held a conversation
With my family around me,
About the Christmas season
And the things we often see.
We talked a while about the haste
and the hustle and the bustle,
The tinkling bells and cash registers
And the gift papers gentle rustle.

We talked about the music
Drifting on the summer air,
The winding down of business
and the Academic year.
We spoke of family members
Whose health is less than fair
And thought about family members ~
Including those no longer here.

Reflections on a year so busy
And the things that we have done,
The laughter and the fun times
And other battles won.
The hopes and aspirations
Some achieved and others not,
How we should use this season
And never ever forget.

Thoughts of a busy year gone by
And the happy times we've spent,
The dinners and celebrations
And other times of good intent.
The care that we have shown a loved one
Whose health has needed care,
The meals we've cooked and delivered
Reminding them we are there.

So as we hear the music
And see the crowds great throng,
Please remember that reflection
Is never ever wrong,
Plan another year of hope
When we can share our dreams,
Reflect upon family and friendship
And all of life's great schemes.


Linda J. Vaughan
12th. December 2008








Image: ©Tibor Varga/BIGStock