Surprise Me

Surprise me with a smile
When I am feeling blue,
Let me know that I can
Always count on you.

Surprise me with some music
When I have trouble singing.
Let me feel the tenderness
Your friendship's always bringing

Surprise me with some flowers
On days of winter rain.
Be sure that I remember
That spring will come again.

Surprise me with a cup of tea
Some warmth and a listening ear
Let me know your friendship
Can drive away my fear.

Surprise me with a 'phone call,
"Hello and how are your days?"
Let me always remember that you
Bring sunshine in so many ways,

Surprise me with a rainbow
After a thunder storm
Let me know that you are there
To keep me safe from harm.

Surprise me with your compassion
And your generosity of care,
For all the people of the world
And children everywhere.

Surprise me with your friendship
Your caring gentle touch
The things which remind me
That you care so very much

Your kindness and your tenderness
Should bring so surprise to me.
You are an angel here on earth
For all the world to see

Linda J. Vaughan

July 2006

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