Virginia Tech

A troubled mind
A loaded gun,
Early morning
Clouds hid the sun.

A campus life ~
Halls of learning,
Lives cut short
Families yearning.

A nation shocked,
Thirty two lives taken
A world appalled,
Foundations shaken.

Tears to shed
Grief to bear,
Showing each other,
Tender care.

No understanding
And such great pain,
Tears are falling
Like winter rain.

Taunting images
Sent in the mail,
With this mindset
How could he fail?

Reach out to each other,
Show your care.
You never know
When they’ll not be there.

We never know when
Memories are all we’ll own,
Today tomorrow
Are not our own.

A day of lectures
An April morning,
Lives snuffed out
Without a warning.

Virginia Tech
Your place is carved
In history’s page
By one depraved.

Restore and heal,
Be brave again,
The world is watching
And feels your pain.

In loving memory of those whose lives were taken at
Virginia Tech at the hands of a gunman in
April 2007.

© Linda J. Vaughan

The Pages of Avalon

19th. April 2007

Copyright © by Crystal Clear Creations2000/2006