Teddy Bears and story books
Bring memories to mind,
Of childhood wonder and magic
The best that you can find.

Your Teddy Bear still loves you
Even if your mood is grim,
And he never seems to mind
That your figure is not quite trim.

He is soft and comforting
And when the winter wind blows
Its nice to have him with you
To share secrets no-one knows.

Your Teddy bear will rest with you
And lie so very still,
He'll listen to the stories you read
And then let you travel as you will.

You have always loved him
And showed him such great care,
It doesn't really matter to you
That his colour is fading and he's losing his hair.

You remember him when he was young
Just as you were young then too,
You remember his soft and fluffy fur
And the things that you would do.

Remember how dirty he got
And how he needed to take a bath,
You screamed when your Mother pegged him out ~
Remember how she laughed.

Your Teddy Bear will be forgiving
When life gets in the way,
When he lies all unattended
And you are too old to play.

Hopefully in some small corner
Of your mind and of your heart,
Your Teddy Bear and the story books
Will always have a part.

 Linda J. Vaughan
November 2007

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