Whatever my journey
Whatever my task
Courage and strength
Is all that I ask.
Faith to believe
That this is the way ~
The path I should travel
On every day.

Friends to support me
And to hear my call,
Who also will lift me
Whenever I fall.
Life is a challenge
Thatís what I perceive,
And I need the courage
To always believe.

Someone to love me
And wipe away my tears,
To listen at length
To the depth of my fears.
I canít do it alone
I need you to be there,
So that I can feel
The warmth of your care.

Courage and strength
Are the gifts that I need.
So that I can be kind
In thought, word and deed.
I value your friendship
Your gentle sweet ways,
The way you are there
On difficult days.

Some tell me to be brave
To walk tall and stand, ~
I could not do it
Without your gentle hand
So when my days are dreary
And difficult to bear
Its then I feel the measure
Of your courage and your care.

© Linda J. Vaughan