The Beauty of Christmas

Come, take my hand and travel with me
To the days when life was kind
And Christmas brought more beauty
Than you thought you could ever find.
Remember the tinsel and tinkling bells
And the trinkets stored away,
Brought out again with ceremony
For this very special day.

Find beauty in each memory
As again the laughter you hear,
See the lights flashing
Feel the friendly cheer.
See the children’s eyes a glistening,
The excitement that they feel,
And of course you tell them
That Rudolph is very real.

See the beauty in friendship,
The laughter and the care.
How different the world would be
If this were shown all year.
See beauty in each kindness,
Each card and phone call received,
Remember the Christmas story
And how important that they believed.

There is a special beauty
In the stars that twinkle in the sky,
A magical beauty in the carols,
The breeze as it brushes by.
There is beauty in a special smile
Or the touch of a tender hand.
Find all the beauty of Christmas
Recall the way it was planned.

© Linda J. Vaughan

November 2006