Dear Iraqi Mother,
As your children go to sleep
Do you cover them and wonder,
And do you stand and weep?

Does fear race through your mind
And is your Mother heart so sore
As you try to explain to them
The reasons for this war?

I am a Mother too
With little ones at my knee,
And I am very troubled
With this picture that I see.

It is so wrong and painful
And shattering to the core!
We are caught in the middle
Of another senseless war.

Your children must be frightened
And struggling to go on,
What will be the effect on them
When this battle is done?

I wish that I could hold them
And chase away their fears,
I wish that I could be with you
To wipe away your tears.

I carry you in my heart
From this side of the World,
And pray that soon we both shall see
Freedoms peaceful flag unfurled.

Linda J. Vaughan

Sunday 23rd. March 2003

The Pages of Avalon

These words were written just before the start of the war in Iraq but it could quite easily be an Israeli or Lebanese Mother to whom the letter was addressed ~ indeed it could have been any Mother in any arena of any war.