I wonder if they realise
The hurt they cause our heart.
When they just donít want to talk
Or when without a kiss we part.

We have so much to tell them
At the end of a busy day,
But it seems they do not want to know
The things that came our way.

They come home tired and weary
And just sit and watch T.V.
No compliments for a meal well cooked~
I wonder do they see.

Do they see the hurt in our eyes
Or the tears begin to flow?
Donít they realise we are hurting
Or do they just not want to know?

Where does it go that tenderness~
The passion that was there at the start?
Why do they shoot their arrows
And wound our tender heart?

How often are our advances rejected
When we reach to bring them ease?
We wonder very often
Is there nothing that will please?

Where does it go to that closeness
When the stars at night would shine?
Where is he now the man I love
Where are the days when he was mine?

I know I have been busy
And weary from family chores.
From coping with the children
And the banging of the doors.

I may not have always been there
When he needed my tender touch,
But through it all I hope he knows
I loved him very much.

We should try a little tenderness
And start to love again
To take away the burden
Try to fall in love again

We should start to look together
At the things that we both saw
When we stood and looked together
Through loveís sweet open door.

We should try a little tenderness
And with each other patient be,
A little more forgiving
And the faults try not to see.

Both of us must work at this
And strongly pull together,
And with the love and tenderness
I am sure the storm weíll weather.

© Linda J. Vaughan

June 9th. 2005

Music is "Try a Little Tenderness"

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