Iíd like if I could for just one day
To turn back the hands of time,
To walk with my Father and hold his hand
And listen to what he would say.

There are things I would tell him
That I didnít before,
Iíd tell of my swelling pride
As he walked through the door.

Iíd let him know that I understand
Just how difficult life can be,
And how blessed I was
When he walked along side of me.

We would walk and talk
And I would let him see
The values I passed to my children
Were those he passed to me.

I would tell him I missed him
But I knew he had to go,
That the time we had wasnít enough,
But this he would already know.

I canít go back in time
But in memory I can,
I remember my Father
I remember the Man.

© Linda J. Vaughan

July 2007




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