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Winter in Australia

It's winter in Australia
And chill is in the air,
The mist gathers on the harbour
And trees are stark and bare.

This is my favourite season,
As I walk beside the river,
Feel the wind upon my face
And see the reeds bend and quiver.

I love the little rosy cheeks
Of children at their play.
Wearing brightly coloured coats and hats
For warmth this winter day.

The salt sea spray upon my face
As I view a sea of pewter grey
I hear the sea birds calling;
I am glad they came my way.

I like to walk in winter rain
And splash in puddles deep,
As I carry my umbrella -
Such memories to keep.

It's winter in Australia
And my kitchen smells so sweet,
Soups, casseroles and homemade bread,
And other lovely things to eat.

Hot chocolate with marshmallow
A good book to read in bed,
A soft and downy pillow
Where I can lay my head.

So with the rolling of the seasons,
Winter is here again,
I love it when the cold wind blows
And we are blessed with rain.

Linda J Vaughan





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