A Mothers Lonely Walk

Silently, she walked along the storm swept beach,
Her eyes glancing towards the tempest of the sea,
Rain gently pulling at the hair,
Clamped mightily to her delicate face,
She cries not,
For the souls given to the sea,
Only for the lives,
Not meant to be...
A small child no older then ten
Given to the ocean
As a sacrifice to them
The Gods of the deep blue

Her feet scuff at the sand beneath her toes,
As she walks idly by the wooden boats
Her heart is in the ocean
Beneath the mysteries of the sea
And that is where
She longs to be...

So she takes a boat
And rows forth into the mighty squall
Her prayers left unanswered
Or maybe just unheard
She clings to that little bit of hope
Of seeing her child again
Deep within the cold oceans depths
In the heart of the sea
That is where
This loving mother
Longs to be...

Lorrine McCain - used with her permission

Also known as Midnight Winter Wolf

June 2007 - Keep on howling.

Created for you with love