My awakening came to me
At a difficult time in my life,
I realised that I was more
Than Mother, Daughter, Wife.

I realised that I had something
To offer to the world,
A care, compassion, tenderness
Despite the bricks they hurled.

I became aware that I was past
The half way mark for me,
And that I must do my thing
And not sit by idly.

I opened up my mind to things
That I had left neglected,
I collected all the baggage
That needed to be collected.

I sorted through this baggage
Kept only what I needed,
And wished my Father back again,
If only I had heeded.

I found a peace, an inner calm
That I would be okay,
I rose, got up and went on
With just another day.

Linda J. Vaughan

July 2007