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Come out with me to breakfast
Letís take some time to talk,
Parking should be easy Ė
Or if not we could walk.
Come out with me to breakfast
Letís enjoy coffee and good food,
Letís enjoy each others company
It really will be good.

Weíll drive our daughter into work
And drop her on the way,
Then weíll go off to breakfast
It will be a special start to the day.
I mentioned to our daughter
Just where we were going to eat,
"No you canít" she said to me
"For they have closed Fleet StreetĒ.

Aghast I look at her and questioned
Just what she had really said.
ďItís been gone for two years Mum
Something else is there instead.Ē
It brought to me some sadness
Another closing of a door,
A Restaurant I had visited
So many times before.

So still come out for breakfast,
We will find another place
Somewhere new to both of us
Our own new and special place.
So instead of breakfast in the City
Letís go down beside the sea,
Letís enjoy a special breakfast
Some time for you and me.

© Linda J. Vaughan

June 21st. 2004

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