You are always welcome
To knock on my heart's door,
Let my friendship shelter you
As it has done before.
The years come and go
And life itself can change,
There are so many things
That we often find quite strange.

Memories stir within my heart
And I look back and see you there,
Tears often mist my eyes
And my heart is filled with fear.
Where have all the years gone
And when did I get older?
Why, when I look back at life
Do I suddenly feel colder?

It seems like only yesterday
When we were young and free,
Would we have played it differently
Had we been able to see?
Life has changed for me
And I know that it has for you,
But my heart's door is always open
And a welcome there for you.

Find shelter here and understanding
And quiet calm sweet hours,
Walk in the garden of memories
And smell the fragrant flowers.
See the sunshine and the rain
And the passing of the years,
You are always welcome here
To talk about your fears.

You are always welcome here
I value your friendship too,
Share the gentle breezes
The sun, when the morning is new.
Share the frost upon the grass,
The dewdrop on the rose,
Such very special memories ~
Yes - I remember those.

Linda J. Vaughan
September 2007

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