Be a Christmas Angel
Exactly where you live,
Share your love and kindness
Donít be afraid to give.

Give not only of your goods,
Share your smile and listening ear,
Be a Christmas Angel
And ease anotherís fear.

Be a Christmas Angel
Each day throughout the year,
Cherish those caring times
When you wipe anotherís tear.

Let the sparkle of your smile,
Light a strangerís way
Bring joy to them
As they travel on their way.

Days are often long
And difficult is the way
Of people that you meet
As you travel on your way.

By sharing just a simple smile,
A kindly word or deed
You can often help a stranger
And meet a special need.

So be a Christmas Angel
And share the joy and love,
Blessings will abound for you
From Heaven up above.

© Linda J. Vaughan

December 2006


Tube from Graphics by Lady Barbara