This season holds it’s agony
It’s pain and so much more.
Amid the tinsel and tinkling bells,
There are many hearts so sore,
There are many stories to tell
Of loneliness and grief ~
The empty arms and aching hearts,
Which often defy belief.

The children who never made it
Through their struggle for life,
And those who are the victims
Of troubled family life.
The Mothers and the Fathers,
For whom the dream was shattered,
Who have tried to get on with life,
Pretending that nothing mattered.

For each child there is a story
Of pain and loss and tears,
Those long and lonely midnight hours
When we struggled with our fears.
We’ve not wanted to burden others
And thus our silence we’ve kept,
Spending many difficult hours
And many the tears we've wept.

Life was denied and we questioned~
Others live in our heart not our home,
But we cherish the memory of them
And will while this earth we roam.
It is difficult, but at this time of year
It somehow seems more painful.
In our memory we wonder “What if”
And we become quite wistful.

So at this Christmas season
When families gather quite near,
Remember the ones who are not there~
Who in memory you hold so dear.
Hang a star on your Christmas Tree
And as you watch it glisten and glow,
Hold close to the love you feel ~
Somehow I am sure they will know.

It is true Christmas is very special
And life indeed must go on,
I wish you many special thoughts
And the memories of your loved one.
So proudly hang a star on your tree
And remember them every day,
For they are your special Angels
And with love help to light your way.

© Linda J. Vaughan

December 5th 2006

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For Megan  with special love


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