The years too quickly pass
And my life is now quite changed,
Different are my mornings
And my days are rearranged.

Memory is kind to me
With lots of things to remember,
The excitement of Christmas ~
The early days of September.

Itís been quite a journey,
At times the hill has been steep,
Sweet treasures are mine,
And memories to keep.

Iíve never been a ďjet setterĒ
Or travelled the ocean foam,
But now I feel that at last
I am coming home.

Coming home to myself,
To where I feel complete.
A time when I am comfortable
And happy myself to meet.

My home is my safe haven,
My shelter from the rain,
Where I can be myself at last
And ease my heartís pain,

Iíve been a wife and mother,
With children now quite grown,
Now I am coming home to myself
With time to call my own.

I listen to the music
Which stirs my soul indeed,
I cook the things I want to cook
And do the things that meet my need.

There are times when those I love
Surround me in my home,
Then thereís an ache in my heart,
And I donít want them to roam,

I am coming home to my heart
To the things that ease my fears,
Here I find the honesty
That comes with passing years.

© Linda J. Vaughan

May 2007

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