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I looked at my hands the other day
And was not surprised to see,
That they are growing older
Along with the rest of me.
They have served me well
And it made me really ponder,
About all the things my hands have done~
I sit and reflect with wonder.

They have made snowmen and more,
Unravelled Fair Isle knitting,
Thrown the last pound note into the fire
And made my Mother's heart sore.
Held the reins of a feisty horse
As I felt the wind in my hair,
Stroked my Grandfather's forehead
As he sat and wept in his chair.

Pulled weeds from my garden
And pruned the roses fair.
Held the handles of a bicycle,
Knitted a jumper to wear.
Cut out a wedding dress and veil to wear
Made cakes and meals galore.
Held other hands to show I care
. And there is so much more.

Tenderly held my babies
And touched their tender skin,
Wiped their tears and noses
And used many a nappy pin.
Signed cheques and counted money,
Written letters by the score,
And when friends have been in trouble
They have knocked upon their door.

And oh the hours they have spent
On typewriter and keyboard,
Busy clicking away the hours
And finding my reward.
They have held the steering wheel
And changed the gears,
Driving has given such pleasure
Over all the years.

Over years they have dialled and held
A telephone - door to the world.
They have brushed my daughters’hair~
Plaited, braided and curled.
They have washed and ironed
And sewn many a dress.
Made many a story tale costume,
Cleaned up many a mess.

Finger plays and glove puppets
And games that children play,
Made doll clothes and sewn bears,
Cat’s Cradle at end of day.
They have taken hold of little ones
And kept them safe indeed,
Walked across the busy roads
And met most every need.

Other hands have sought them
To hold them tenderly
And these are the times
That stir my memory.
Stir me to think with gratitude
That older these hand may be
They have brought special joys
To others and to me.

© Linda J. Vaughan

July 2006

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