MR. BILL - My Dad


The heart remembers many things
And looking back it seems I find
A tall man with tanned skin and gray eyes
Is etched forever on my mind.

The scent of Old Spice fills the air
and the laughter in his voice.
A man of many talents
He made my heart rejoice.

Trips to the barber shop and to Sears ~
A bag of "Bridge Mix" chocolates on his mind,
A shed filled with many tools
And gadgets of every kind.

Childhood memories make me smile
As I was blessed from up above
To have such a loving Mom and Dad
Who filled my life with love.

So a toast to you my Dad, Mr Bill
And to Mom whom I adore,
I thank you both for everything
From a daughter who could never ask for more.

Happy Birthday Dad !!!!!


Suzanne Marks




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