It seems like yesterday ~
Or at least it does to me
That we were putting up candles
And decorating the tree.
Nine months have almost gone
And now another season is here
Funny how the months pass
Much quicker year by year.

Each year the days go faster
Than they have done before.
It seems the waves of life
Quickly wash upon our shore.
We seem to follow a pattern
As year follows each sweet year.
Emotions come and go
And laughter turns to fear.

We turn and face our fears
And learn to live once more.
We stand with courage in our hand
As we face our future’s door.
We remember the lessons learned
And the pain we have often shared,
The solace that has come to us
Just because someone cared.

Our children all grown
And left the nest,
But at least the satisfaction
That for them we did our best.
We loved and cared and cried with them
And held them close in heart
Just so very pleased
That we could be a part.

So as the years come and go
Take time to live again ~
The days of sunshine and laughter
The days of bitter pain.
Be at peace with yourself
And try to find some calm.
Be strong and courageous
And keep yourself from harm.

© Linda J. Vaughan

March 1st.. 2005

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