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Take time to relax and enjoy................

Simple Pleasures

A friendly smile and a cheery wave,
Simple pleasure bringing joy,
Diamond stars in a night sky,
Flowers in the hand of a little boy.

Lying in a summer meadow
Watching clouds drift along.
Splashing through puddles ~
Words from a song.

Sharing laughter with a friend,
Butter on home made bread.
Hot chocolate in winter,
A book to read in bed.

Sea spray on my glasses,
A smile upon your face.
Dewdrops on the roses,
A spider web of lace.

Daffodils dancing in springtime,
The smell of grass freshly mown
, Love letters tied with blue ribbon,
Plants from the seeds I have sown.

Fruit trees in a garden,
Flowers by my pathway.
Autumn leaves blown by the wind,
Sunset at end of day.

Laughter from the children,
Games on cold wet days.
A misty fog in winter,
A shimmering summer haze.

Relaxing in a fragrant bath,
Fluffy towels, warm and dry.
Walking in a winter rain
An umbrella to keep me dry.

The firelight glow at evening,
Lights on a Christmas tree.
A letter in my mailbox,
A special cup of tea.

Photographs in silver frames
Memories set apart,
Simple pleasures live forever
In the recesses of my heart.

Linda J. Vaughan

July 2006

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