Autumn Calling

The seasons now are changing
And autumn calls my name,
She wears her red gold gown
And I recall her fame.

I trace again in memory
The changing of the years
When summer turned to autumn
And left some cold and icy fears.

The leaves are changing on the trees
And my life is changing too
So many things are different~
But I remember you.

I remember all the friendship
The love, the trust and care.
The dark and gloomy times for me
When always you were there.

I remember all the anxious times
When you helped me face my fears,
The days and nights you cared enough
To wipe away my tears.

The wind is cool and days grow short
An empty home where laughter dwelt
Quieter times and passing seasons
In a house where love was felt.

Iíve seen them grow and leave the nest
To fly and soar above,
I gave them roots to anchor them
But mostly I gave them love.

I gave them wings and see them flying
And living their lives well.
I hope they know how proud I am~
I hope that they can tell.

So as Autumn calls my name once more
I cherish this special season
It brings a mellow wistfulness
It gives my heart a reason.

© Linda J. Vaughan

3rd. April 2006