Sometimes our way is dreary
And clouds keep rolling by,
It’s then we seek a patch of blue
In an otherwise clouded sky.

A patch of blue brings to mind
So many different things,
A day long gone, a loved one missed ~
A heart which no longer sings.

Simple things often remind us
And stir our hearts to the core,
That things are very different
Than they were before.

A patch of blue, a different smile,
Another gracious tender touch.
A passionate heart and words often said ~
“I love you very much”.

So when the clouds are gathering
And fear knocks on your door,
Remember the patch of blue
And what it meant before.

Look for the patch of blue today
And claim it as your own
Remember the days now gone by
And see how much you’ve grown.

Another life, another day ~
Another patch of blue
Life is very special
And so indeed are you.

Count your blessings
Recall your patch of blue
Hold tight to the special times
Which belong to you.

© Linda J. Vaughan

June 23rd. 2005

The Pages of Avalon

Written for John Squire, for whom a “patch of blue”

stirred memories of the past and gratitude for today.