Welcome to the World


Avery Ryan Buchanan Jordan

Welcome little angel
To our world and to our hearts
Feel the love we have for you
Right from the very start.

May there always be someone
To take you by the hand,
To give you strength and courage
And to help you stand.

Loving arms to hold you
To wipe away your tears,
A caring heart to encourage you
To face your inner fears.

Someone to teach you honesty
To lift you when you fall
Someone to say “I love you”
The greatest gift of all.

I wish you tall trees to climb
And bright stars at night,
Sunshine on your pathway
The knowledge of what is right.

Long summer days
And open fields of grain,
Splashing in mud puddles
After days of winter rain.

I wish you bird songs in the morning
As you spend your days at play.
Someone to read you a story
And tuck you in at end of day.

I wish you cookies and milk
In a kitchen that is warm,
Family to love you
And keep you safe from harm.

May you love the land you live on
And respect it as you should.
As you wonder at the tall trees
And watch its fire and flood.

I wish you happy days
And shelter from a storm
Bless you little angel
May you be kept from harm.

“May the tides of life carry you gently and storms
leave you safe in their wake.”

© Linda J. Vaughan
11th. May 2006

"Avery Ryan Buchanan Jordan"
Avery was born on 11th. May 2006 weighing 6 pounds 11 ounces and measuring Nineteen and a half inches long


For Suzanne

Well my friend – he’s here at last
This bundle of great joy,
This child you have been waiting for ~
This precious little boy.

You were there and saw him born
Such a watershed of tears,
I know how difficult these days have been
And I have shared your fears.

You cut the cord and encouraged
And held your daughter’s hand.
This child will bring such special joy
The way that it is planned.

A special bond with this child
Will be the way of things,
Countless treasures and memories
And such sweet joy he brings.

This child holds part of you
And memories of another ~
I know and understand the heart
Of his special Grandmother.

Take the joy that life has brought
Live in fullest measure,
Cherish every moment
With this special little treasure.

Watch him grow and help him
Laugh and guide his ways
And he will bring you laughter
And joy to all your days.

Special wishes and thoughts for you
on the birth of Avery – your heart will go on.

© Linda J. Vaughan

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